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We Make Veganhood Look Good.

Culture x Veganism




What's The Roar About?

Black folk across the diaspora are going vegan. It’s literally LIT. We are building a dope community with others who look like us while offering a real and unique perspective into a lifestyle that benefits not only us but our people globally.

The ROAR Is impact of our voices in the vegan community. The impact within our family and friendships. You make people pay attention. To your passion. To the way you season. To your dedication. To your lifestyle. 

You are the roar. 

We are the roar.

The Collective Roar.


Great company uplifting black vegans with comfy and stylish clothes. Please check them out

Indigo M.


Great designs and fantastic company! Can't wait to make another order!

Michael H.


Love the clothes and the message!

Carissa M.


Amazing clothing!! Thank you.

Hilary W.